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What is LessonPick?

LessonPick is the first and only free online resource sharing platform designed by EL educators for all teachers serving ELs. We allow teachers to share and tag resources by EL standards and outcomes.

Who owns my materials?

You retain complete ownership and copyright of any resource you share. Therefore, please share materials that you feel comfortable with other teachers downloading, adapting, and sharing as long as credit is given.

How are resources curated?

Our team curates the materials. To make the upload process easy, just provide a short description of your resource.

What resources can I share?

You can share any resource you like such as a worksheet, unit, lesson plan, professional development resource etc in any format (doc, pdf, PPT, smartboard etc). Your resource can be personally developed or found online if you know it is okay to share.  LessonPick is not liable for any copyright violations.

How do I give credit to a resource I share that was made by a colleague or found online?

You can include a name or a link in the description box when you upload.

What are the materials shared by the LessonPick team?

Our team is constantly replenishing our resource banks. You can bookmark LessonPick so you can frequently check back. All resources on LessonPick are uploaded directly by the original teacher or we have permission to share them free to the public.

What happens after I click “submit” to share my resource?

Each time you click “submit”, our team receives a notification. Then, we check to make sure that the resource was submitted by an authentic user and is not spam. Our team will also assign the tags. This helps maintain the integrity and safety of our platform. By next business day, when you log in, you can see the status of your submitted resource change from “pending review” to “live”.

How can I register?

Visit the “My Account” tab to create an account. You do not need to register to download materials. However, we encourage everyone using LessonPick to register to stay updated on changes and help build our momentum. For a complete tutorial video, click on the Tutorial Tab on our navigation bar.

What is your privacy policy?

You can use your real name or a pen name and any email you wish to register. You can also change this name at any time on the profile tab in “My Account” after you log in. You are never required to provide any information to identify you or where you work. While the information you share about yourself is optional, we encourage you to fill out a profile so that the community can get a sense of your background and experience.

Where is LessonPick based?

LessonPick is a registered LLC based in Boston, MA.

How is LessonPick financed?

Our team self funds LessonPick along with additional grants. We do not make any profit from teachers sharing and downloading materials. Our resource banks are all free.

How can I contact LessonPick?

If you have questions or suggestions on how we can improve LessonPick for your needs, you can always reach us at, use the message box above, or by chat online.